We are outcome driven therapists--Enhancing lives since 2006

Healing occurs from the inside out. At DAPT we understand how important and beneficial listening to the person and listening to their body is and having the tools, skill, and time to provide meaningful service. We offer manual therapy tailored exercises, orthotics, and assistive devices. We have a plethora of modalities, including a lumbar and cervical decompression table, infrared therapy and a lymphedema pump and much more.

DaPT is not like the large hospitals. We don’t have bowls of candy, energy drinks, or blasting televisions in the waiting room.  Instead you may find rosemary, apples, tomatoes things grown with information of their inherent benefits.  At DAPT we care about what we do, and work towards positive changes. In addition to the cities of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor we have patients from all over the Metro Detroit area such as Belleville, Canton, Howell, Milan, Whitmore Lake, Saline and Chelsea.  We have been proudly serving the south-eastern Michigan region since 2006.

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Marie Davenport, PT

Our Founder

In 1998 Marie Davenport earned her Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Michigan. She conducted quantitative research on the physical performance and activity levels of women with breast cancer. She has been the recipient of honors and awards for participation in outreach programs, clinical experience in geriatric in home care, and out-patient orthopedic and rehabilitation settings. She is a proud therapist and entrepreneur.

She has taken many continuing education courses on muscle/joint imbalances that lead to pain and dysfunction, the treatment of nervous system disorders, manual therapeutic techniques for the treatment of neck, back, and facial pain. She has developed and implemented a diabetic/sensory motor neuropathy program. She is also an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Marie treats a wide range of chronic neurological disorders such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, auto-immune deficiencies, fibromyalgia, and stroke. She also specializes in sports and work related injuries.

Her passion is to truly utilize her skills to help people return to a better state of physical balance. She is an advocate against conveyor style therapy, and emphasizes taking the time out to sit down, listen, teach, and tune in to not only what the patient is saying, but also what their body is saying.